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About Us - This site is owned by KHKWAN & CO (Advocates) and administered by Chris Kwan (see our brief presentation below on how vixa.com can benefit you). We have a simple selling point which is the price/cost. There is NO listing fees for the moment but there is still end of auction fee payable by Seller. (USD 12 min or 0.5 % of selling price above 3000) There are no FEES to register yourself but you need to be registered to bid or offer. For some auction this closing fee may be waived by Seller or paid by Seller. Generally it is advisable to collect a fee from buyer to show that he is able and willing as all formal payments should be OFF-LINE (VIXA does not collect any monies or hold any monies for the seller's behalf as we are strictly an enabler and not transactional. Be smart, only hand money over when you have checked and have titles transferred. IF the buyer proves to be FAKE (ie using false identity etc), VIXA will refund your USD 10 as maximum compensation allowed as we are not involved in any off-line transactions. IF the buyer proves to be someone who is a time-waster (ie deal did not go through off-line for whatever reasons), VIXA will also refund your USD 10 however no refunds will be entertained if there is no BID at all.

Who is Chris Kwan or CK as he is known to his friends in Mongolia ? Lawyer, former banker, lecturer, Internet startup evangelist and wannabe coder, all rolled into one. CK saw this opportunity for an online auction when working in Mongolia given the difficulty faced by many buyers and sellers across Asia. The issue is really about market information and costs, ie you only buy when you have a project on hand or sell when you do not (not the kind of information you want the market to know). Otherwise, most people will buy brand-new or lease. SO in Vixa, we also have WANTED, SWAP, MAKE OFFER (you can offer to lease), BUY NOW (in addition to auction and anonymity) to ensure you have all the options you need. Granted mining equipment is not like selling a book or golf sets on ebay, its more technical, one need to inspect and arrange financing as well drafting contracts to ensure proper transfer of titles. VIXA promises to be a complete fulfilment facilitator or in plain english to be all that it could to ensure you get the most competitive price so you can focus on your next project. And for buyers, you are welcome to search and bid or put a WANTED notice.

If you have any questions please contact me using my email chris @ vixa (dot) com, remove (dot) and replace with (.) without brackets.